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Industry Leaders Pledge to Bridge IT Skills Gap

Technology leaders are joining with the European Commission to support skills, training and jobs within the IT sector.

IT workers make up 3% of the total European workforce - with 6.7 million IT  and information security professionals working in Europe in 2011. This area has shown steady and significant growth growing by roughly 4% each year. Despite current levels of unemployment digital jobs are one of the few areas where demand exceeds supply.

Worryingly the number of IT jobs are increasing but the number of IT graduates is decreasing.  By 2015 there could be as many as 864,000 European IT jobs - but will there be enough skilled practitioners to fill them? The government is worried that without the right staff growth in the IT sector could be stunted and unable to achieve its full potential.

It workforce

Promoting digital skills

This week the European Commission launched the Grand Coalition for Digital Jobs to promote skills, qualifications and training to help bridge this skills gap before it becomes problematic. José Manuel Barroso, Coalition for Digital Jobs Commission President, called for key stakeholders such as IT businesses, CIOs, education and training providers to support for the project by pledging to promote training & certification, matching skills to real jobs and attracting young people to IT.

"The Grand Coalition we launch today is an essential part of getting Europe's economy back on track and finding jobs for some of Europe's 26 million unemployed. I applaud those companies who have signed up today. If, together, we can turn the tide and fill the growing number of ICT vacancies, we will see a much wider impact across the whole economy.We want to empower Europeans to fill the jobs that will drive the next ICT revolution."

It's not just about finding the right skills

Although skilled IT professionals may be harder to find this is not the only reason businesses struggle to fill vacancies. Hiring at the wrong time, looking in the wrong place or just not being competitive enough; without an understanding of the IT security jobs market it is difficult to see why hiring has been unsuccessful in the past. With our established background and longstanding relationships with candidates via resource has helped many businesses to not just fill a vacancy but to find the right person, with the right skills. 

As a specialist consultancy focussing solely on information security recruitment ,we have witnessed this growing demand for IT professionals, especially with requests for 'hard to find skills'. As high level IT workers retire over the coming years, the number of graduates will need to match this in order to supply the next generation of IT executives.

The success of the Digital jobs coalition depends on the support and involvement of key stakeholders. Many organisations have already made concrete pledges to the Grand Coalition including SAP, Telefonica, CISCO, the European Schoolnet, the Council of European Professional Informatics Societies (CEPIS), the ECDL Foundation, the European e-Skills Association, HP, Microsoft, Oracle, Fast Track to IT and the Corporate IT Forum.

To find out more visit the Digital Jobs website or find out how you can get involved and support digital jobs here.

Written by Tor Macleod at 16:21


An interesting article. I can't help wondering if the market demand is so high why don't employers recruit and train employees to fill the gap? Sadly the current market reality doesn't match the articles advocacy.
October 6, 2013 11:38


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