It seems incredible in this day and age that companies are still not taking cyber-security seriously, but the fact of the matter is even national and multi-national organisations are still failing to address even the most simple of basic cyber security measures. 
One of the most common issues is passwords. Although tools such as Password Managers, Two-Factor Authentication and Password Generators all exist to try and maximise the security and integrity of your accounts, devices or information, people just don’t take enough notice.
Don’t believe that’s still the case? According to welivesecurity.com, the most common Passwords are still 123456 and password. Whether it is through laziness or simply not knowing, people and companies are leaving themselves vulnerable and unprotected in the event of a cyber attack or hack attempt. 
The solution to ensuring a good company culture is maintained in regards to cyber security is surprisingly simple. It’s just a case of good practise being adhered to at home and then transporting these measures and approaches to work. 
Put more simply, imagine you are going to work in the morning. You are going to close your windows, lock your doors and ensure all belongings are kept completely out of site. These are the basic principles of home security: why are companies not taking the same approach to cyber security?
Some companies, including Slough-based LEGO have changed their approach to cyber security and have seen massive benefits as a result. They’ve even begun to help educate other people on the benefits and major London corporations are buying into this mentality. The City of London Police are one of the organisations that have bought into this new method.
Using a low-tech board-game made from the iconic Danish toy, company individuals are placed in charge of a power plant and have to choose to spend their security budget on a variety of options, marked on coloured playing cards. After each decision, a cyber security expert is on hand to help judge whether the decision is good or bad. Thoughtful choices lead to stronger infrastructure and greater security, whereas poor choices lead to fines, hacks, digital attacks and even bankruptcy.
It’s designed to teach companies the importance of making informed cyber security choices, and it seems to be working. Even the threat of virtual of £5,000 fines due to the WannaCry virus in the game is enough to make board members change their view.
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